Saturday, August 28, 2004

Photo Finish

OK folks, the race is on and Bush is way ahead. We need to give our blogger Erik some encouragement. See, this is the 950th post on All That Arises. There are currently 971 US casualties of the Iraq war. The question is, will George W. Bush bring home the 1000th dead American before Erik can post his 1000th entry?

Here are the rules: no dividing essays into multiple posts, no multi-bagging of remains. It's gonna be a photo finish, folks, possibly in time for W's acceptance speech. Well, no photos involved, exactly; I doubt Erik will let us in his comfy crib with a digital camera, and no photos are allowed at Andrews AFB. ...

Sorry Erik, but personally, my money's on Bush. Somebody get Vegas on the line.

I mean no disrespect for our troops or their families. I know this post is in terrible taste, but so is this damn war. If this made you uncomfortable, good.

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