Monday, August 23, 2004

Somebody set me straight on this

but wasn't Hitler the host of the 1936 Olympic games at which, for the first timne, the national anthem of the nation of the gold medalist was played during the medal-presentation ceremonies? Indeed, didn't Hitler start this mad national medal-counting that the US has since found so compelling, so overwhelmingly important?
I'm so tired of NBC's continual playing of the US national anthem that I'm about to puke. I love this country--its magnificent geography, the verbiage of its founding documents, a few other things--but for God's sake, enough of this media-hammered xenocraziness.

I'm pissing in the wind, I know it. But in a few centuries, my voice will be heard. Just think about it. Do we imagine that in an advanced society, such as we might find on a planet ten thousand years from now, they have boundaries, nations, national anthems?

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