Monday, October 13, 2003

Conspiracy theories redux

In earlier posts, I posited a "summer surprise" followed by an "October surprise" that Bush would spring on the Demos. In July, during the Demo convention, Cheney would announce he wasn't running after all (too sick, or something, to endure another term), which would divert attention from the Demo convention while the press speculates on Bush's veep (a woman, possibly?); to be followed by his announcement of "victory" in Iraq and the repatriation of the bulk of our troops (except those needed to guard the oil supply of course) with flags waving and trumpets blaring.

But I like Richard's theory better: They've got Osama and Saddam already in their sights, maybe even have laser lights focused on their foreheads, just waiting for Karl Rove's signal. Another, more macabre version: They've already killed both of them and have done the DNA confirmation and are now just waiting for Rove to tell them when it's most propitious to "discover" the bones.

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