Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Of Frames, Nascar Dads and Strict Fathers

This analysis of The Governator's election is supplemental to the story I cited in my post dated 10/8, "Let Them Eat War." The Nascar Dad syndrome and the Strict Father analysis do indeed feel like they complement each other, and must cause Democrats to sharpen their focus, as well as their imagery, in capturing thus-inclined voters, because they're breeding like crazy, and Bush's fear-based campaigning is nurturing them.
Also illuminating, to me, is the article's observation of the difference between Democrats' issue-based campaigning and Republican's impulse/instinct-based packaging. When I think of the present Democratic Presidential candidates, I must admit I'm drawn less to issues of the particular candidate (Gephardt, for example, holds to many of the positions I agree with), than to the aura the candidate evokes in me (Dean--tough, no-nonsense, smart; Clark--sharp, in-command, experienced).
I agree with the article's conclusion, that unless the Democrats likewise adopt such packaging, such "framing" of their candidates and issues, there's gonna be four more years of Nascar Dads and Strict Fathers in office in America.

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