Monday, October 13, 2003

Richard Presents Observations from the Sonoran Desert on the "Look Out Below" post

An economics essayist wrote recently of a "silver bullet" that's going to secure CommChief George's re-election: The Devaluing of the Dollar, that is, weakening it against foreign currencies.
Under this theory, a cheaper dollar will bring about higher prices on imported items which will cause domestic goods to look more attractive to buyers (Take that, you Rising Sun, patent-stealing, auto dumpers!) This will in turn generate more jobs for Americanos (and their border-crossing companeros); which gets the Dow back over the 10.5K level that George inherited from Bill (for the benefit of the high-dollar, Elephantine donor, insider-trading market manipulators) and helps American global corporations' goal of LOWERING our standard of living; and allowing them (Eisenhower's "military/industrial complexĂ‚” now redesigned as the corporate/political complex) to keep American workers union-protection deficient and low paid.

It will also make us look more supportive and less evil to our Euro brethren; and bring the Europeans into thesqueezee play we're trying to put on the Chinois' artificial tinkering with their currency (as our exported bucks build their massive weapons/army).

End result? JefeJorje gets to look wondrous in dealing with "... the economy, stupid..."
about 4-5 months from now, after terrific holiday shopping and spending numbers and as the Donkeys are scrambling to find issues, any issues, that will stick during their 9 member, barnstorming roadtrip, trying to find a starting pitcher possessing that good, live, high-and-tight, knockdown-pitch fastball.

And just to feed the conspiracy freak in all of us, don't you know as an absolute certainty that US Army Special Ops and dark projects people are tracking Saddam and Osama and will snatch them in October '04 just when Gjunior needs to seal the re-election deal?


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