Friday, November 21, 2003

A blog to die for

I agree with Sean-Paul at The Agonist weblog. Billmon at The Whiskey Bar is my favorite libbie blogger (although I haven't checked out all of them, and new blogs arise every minute, literally).

My favorite phrase of the day, lifted from a comment to Billmon's post (which gives due credit to another blogger), commenting on the rocket fussilade that damaged Baghdad buildings and were apparently concealed in donkey carts:

Yeah, you guessed it: "Weapons of ass destruction."

(Feel free to scroll down from Billmon's post to follow the humor displayed in the comments about the donkey cart attack. Who says Liberals are mirthless bombasts? Well, mostly we are, but this Administration give us so much fodder, you can't help laughing sometimes. And for those of you who don't care to scroll, two examples: (1) "This brings new meaning to the phrase, 'Kick ass.'" (2) You watch--the Republicans will now claim the Democrats are behind these attacks. -- Donkey, symbol of the party, get it?)

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