Friday, November 21, 2003

Of donkey carts and preempted compassion

Boy, Erik's been busy today, hasn't he? Except for a tuna melt I had for lunch, I've been avoiding anything with chips today. But I have two brief remarks:

On the donkeys: Holy AssRams, Batman!

On the statement by Mr. Bell of CARE: Codswallop. As much as I'm willing to decry America's hateful and arrogant foreign policy, there's another side to that coin. The US is all over the world with foreign aid. We're doing a helluva lot to get food to the hungry and resources to the poor. And everywhere we send food, it's diverted by corrupt officials or rotting on the docks. Aid workers are as much targets as soldiers these days. So I don't wanna hear anybody talk about poverty. It's hard to pass out bread when you're under attack.

Somebody tell the poor and disenfranchised of the middle east to think about how their bread is buttered. At least we're trying to do the right thing, pouring in billions for rebuilding. We try to send food and medicine and help where it's needed. But it's damn sure the donkey cart and suicide bomber boys never fed so much as a hungry dog.

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