Monday, November 17, 2003

So many apt slogans, so little space

"Saving face," "window dressing," "too little too late," "just plain bullshit,"--These are among the phrases that come to mind upon the report of Bush's latest maneuver: his announcement that "sovereignty will be passed to the Iraqis" by June 1. Particularly when the announcement is coupled with Bremer's statement that there will be a "side agreement" (with whom? how can that be known in advance?) that the US troops will be "invited" to remain to provide "security."

In the same Independent article, it is suggested (for the first time, I think) that the US may be willing to cede authority for command of its military forces in Iraq to an international authority, but of course that authority is NATO, which the US dominates. In the first place, it's unlikely the US will do so unless, as with the Iraqis, it can have a "side agreement" that NATO members (including naysayers France, Germany, Belgium) will agree to the US military program. In the second place, the bulk of troops, as with the NATO command in Afghanistan, will be American.

Another word, accordingly, springs to mind: "sham." The fact is Bush is getting his ass whipped in Iraq. His "war on terr'r" is a foul, evil design meant to exploit the reaction of grieving, frightened Americans into allowing him and his warmongering, profiteering capitalists to rule the world; and to his dismay, he is being thwarted by stubborn Iraqis (and resilient Taliban in Afghanistan). To avoid admitting failure, he is papering over these realities by announcements that won't change anything. American troops will continue to die, hatred of the United States will continue to grow, and so will "terr'r."

It can't be more clearly seen than in this latest charade, this latest burst of glossed-over retreats from his supposed "policy," that Bush is worse than wrong and wrong-headed. He is--without doubt now--a cunning, callous cynic.

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