Friday, November 21, 2003

First manufacturing jobs, now "outsourcing"

Opportunities for meaningful jobs in the US (meaning moderate pay, moderate skills) are shrinking rapidly, not just because of the ongoing loss of manufacturing within our borders, but also by reason of service companys' "outsourcing" of Internet communications systems to foreign countries. For example, when my Compaq (HP, now) laptop went blank some weeks ago and I called the Help telephone line, I was given re-booting directions by a male voice that had a distinctive Indian lilt. I asked the man where he was--that is, where my landline call had reached--and he answered, "Delhi."

I recall that a couple of years ago I called the same 1-800 number for help and my helper was located in Oklahoma. We talked about the Sooners while I waited for his instructions to take effect on my computer. (In both cases, I will editorialize, the telephonic Help was successful).

Upshot: I wonder how much money HP is saving by hiring Help in India?
Upshot no. 2: I wonder what my Sooner-backer buddy is doing for work now?

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