Thursday, August 05, 2004

Battleground Arizona

This website charts ongoing stats in pre-ordained "battleground states," which, however, does not include Arizona. Apparently, the webgurus believe that Arizona is solidly in the Republican column, as it has been for many presidential elections, going back two decades.
True, both Senators are Republicans: Kyle, a hidebound conservative and McCain, a renegade. The Representatives, too, are largely Republicans, but the state is traditionally Democrat-dominated, as is the governor's position.

But now, the state's a toss-up in the Kerry/Bush race, according to the most recent statewide poll, taken before the Democratic Convention.

Here's my question: Should I remove myself back to my long-established residency in Arizona for a few months, register to vote there and devote my activism to that state? Since California appears to be solidly in the Kerry column, isn't that the sensible thing to do? Isn't it what any committed activist would do, particularly in light of Arizona's ten electoral votes, more than battleground states Nevada and New Mexico?

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