Monday, August 02, 2004

It doesn't get any better than this

This essay by former CIA operative Ray McGovern critiquing the 9-11 commission's proposed solutions to the defects in the "war on terror" is dead on. Particularly McGovern's remarks at the end of the piece:
...treating merely the symptoms of terrorism is quixotic; ... the soil and roots of terrorism must be dug and uncovered; ... as the 9/11 report acknowledges in a very subdued way, it is Washington’s strong and uncritical bias toward Israel and its invasion of Iraq that produce the long lines at Al Qaeda recruiting stations; ... our current approach to defeating terrorism by trying to kill all the terrorists is akin to trying to eradicate malaria by shooting as many mosquitoes as possible; [and] moving the intelligence director’s chair one deck higher on the Titanic holds no promise.

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