Thursday, August 05, 2004

Happy days are here again...

The US Army's at war with al-Sadr's Shiites in Najaf, with the Sunnis in Fallujah, with miscellaneous attackers in Baghdad, all while the Brits in Basra are being shot at too. "Interin Prime Minister" Alawi is being described (by NYT's reporter, John Burns, on the phone to PBS) as the "mayor" of a tiny portion of Iraq, unable to control anything beyond what the US troops control--and that's not much.

Afghanistan is a mess--a warlord-governed, opium-dominated nation--with Osama still at large, and he's got hundreds of lieutenants.

Meanwhile back in the USSA, wages are in the tank and layoffs are on the rise. We're under sustained terror alerts, and they're being disdained. The president is on the defensive on all fronts.

Recent Republican ads attacking Kerry are so vitriolic that there are calls that Bush disavow them (and he has done so, but half-heartedly), the polls are shifting in Kerry's favor, and a majority of the US public have come to disbelieve the repeated "alerts" of terrorism in the US.

Look, I'm no saint. I admit that calling the foregoing analysis, "Happy Days" is cynical. Worse.

But I'm no hypocrite when it comes to this: I want Bush out of the White House. His presidency demeans me, is personal affront to me as an American. And if it means that I applaud sustained misery so that it leads to his ouster, so be it. Sue me.

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