Thursday, August 05, 2004

I'm getting tired of this, really tired

Who writes these headlines? "Slight Bounce for Kerry--Poll shows Kerry gained limited support after DNC [convention]." That's how ABC/WaPo led its recent article about its latest polling numbers, released today.

When you read the entire article and the poll numbers themselves (ABC's own poll, recall!) they show a remarkable turnaround in the numbers, but these are buried in the closing paragraphs of the story. For example, on questions such as who's a better leader on the vital campaign issues such as Iraq, the "war on terror", the economy and health insurance, Kerry's gains on Bush between the week before the convention and the week after are +14 points, +15, +16, +16, respectively, so that Kerry leads Bush in all categories except the "terror" issue, and on that question the numbers have changed from Bush 55, Kerry 37 prior to the convention to Bush 48, Kerry 45 after. Bush's biggest issue, everyone says, is "terror", and now it appears Kerry has nearly caught him on that question. (ABC's online article doesn't display the numbers in their entirety. They may be found here.)

I imagine how frustrating this inaccurate reportage must be to Kerry himself; because it's driving me nuts.

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