Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Beneath the Radar

The frauds of the frauds that got us into this ugly war in Iraq are falling off our TV screens. (I don't have a TV, but I can guess.) I haven't seen a syllable about Yellowcake or aluminum tubes or drones or WMD for a week or more. Could it be that the monsters are going to skate on these issues, avoid consequence for their egregious evil? Looks likely, as much, I think, because of the ineptitude of the Democratic candidates for President as anything.
But what about the continuing death toll of our soldiers? What about the ongoing expense, the wrongs our troops and our policies are visiting on Iraqis daily, hourly? Surely those haven't disappeared from our consciousness.
Wrong, camel's breath. Not a peep, other than in the alternative press and websites. And even there, not even a whisper about the continuing loss of life and limb in Iraq and Afghanistan. You have to log onto Islam Online.

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