Monday, September 01, 2003

Is Labor Day for Labor?

Dear All That Arises:
In many countries May 1 is a public holiday reserved for the
celebration of workers. In the USA May 1 is not a holiday on which
workers are free to assemble and demonstrate for a cause(s) that they
consider important, as is the case in many other countries.
Three questions come to mind: 1. Does the name Labor Day signify the
importance allotted to labor in the American content, while negating
the importance of workers? 2. Is not the right to assembly a rather
hollow right, when it requires that workers, in order to assemble to
demonstate for a cause, are not guaranteed the time and opportunity to
do so? 3. To what extent are rights viable strategies for citizens in a
democracy? Or, to re-phrase the question somewhat, to what extent is a
democracy obligate to ensure that its citizens have the opportunity to
excercise their rights?
[This post is from a cyberSwede, a couple of hundred klicks south of Stockholm]


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