Thursday, September 04, 2003

Insanity Defined

I heard moments ago (9/4/03, 6 a.m., PDT) on BBC radio, to my astonishment as well as that of the BBC interviewer of an Iraqi official, that shortly after Bremer “disbanded” the 400,000-man Iraqi army and announced that their pay would cease after three months, he rescinded the latter portion of the order in response to mass demonstrations of the army. The result is, the official said, the army is still receiving their full pay, but is still subject to Bremer’s order that it may not carry arms.
What the hell? This means there’s presently a huge army on the ground in Iraq, trained, organized, knowledgeable—and paid by US taxpayers—but not armed, while we’ve got 140,000 people in harms way and we’re tossing about at the UN for more troops to police the place. This is absolutely insane! Who’s running this war?

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