Friday, September 05, 2003

Dems Dogpile on Bush

I saw just a little of tonight's democratic debate on CNN. And I've read about it online. I am pleased to see that the democratic candidates have the president's number, and I'm not talking about the phones at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Gephardt: "This president is a miserable failure."
Kerry: "the swagger of a president who says 'bring 'em on' does not bring our troops peace or safety."
Gephardt: "We have a president who has broken up alliances that Democratic and Republican presidents have put together over 70 years."
Kucinich: "It is time to bring the troops home. It is time to bring the U.N. in and get the U.S. out."

Dean said more troops are needed, as my blog partner has pointed out. But he said not US troops, troops from other countries. He said our troops should come home. -- Amen.

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