Monday, September 01, 2003

A Response to Maxi

Dear Maxi,

In light of the on-going results of American interventions in Irak and in
Liberia, I find it strange to believe that there is still one person
around who seems to believe in the discourse you are propogating: America
has saved the rest of the world from the rages of war, by spreading
democracy by means of armed intervention. History, I am told, is a process
by which isolated events are re-defined on the basis of a re-assessment of
the events in question from the perspective of a point in time when the
cumulative effects of the actions of the parties involved are
reconsidered. From this point in time, the discourse you advance is
difficult to justify, especially when one considers the facts. Armed
intervention and all that it entails, i.e., the production and sales of
weapons, is a very lucrative business and has been and still is a major
source of income for America enterprises. Fact no 2: Liberia is a country
that has enormous natural resources. Fact no. 3: Irak is a country that
has enormous natural resources. Fact no 3: Hitler was able to engage in
his reconstruction of Germany thanks to enormous investments in his
reconstruction program made by American and British investors.
The USA has engaged in armed combat and armed interventions throughout its
entire history, a fact that perhaps not only explains its wealth, but also
has served to unify its citizenry, as it has continually had an "enemy" of
one sort or another, focusing its citizens' attention on the deplorable
state of affairs in Latin American, Asia, Europe, Africa. etc, while
distracting their attention from the deplorable state of affairs in the
good ole US of A. As your letter attests, despite the fact that this is
an old method, it is still a very efficient and convincing method.

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