Monday, September 22, 2003

How stupid are we? Don't answer that!

A Comment from Alert Reader Chris:

In re: Our General Stupidity

This video with people answering questions about international affairs is bogus. It's put together by a psudeo-news network called CNNNN (I was suspicious of the video because of the logo on the background screen).

Go to the video page at (link is in the row of buttons at the top. But be sure and read the 'About button first) and you'll find this video. Note CNNNN claims to be a subsidiary of ChaserCorp. I google-searched ChaserCorp and got some hits. Their supposed home page pretty funny. See it here

Note that a multi-billion dollar corp. uses a domain name. Among the other hits was this,5942,7010577,00.html

which seems to indicate the whole thing was a hoax.

So do you think it was posted at as a joke?


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Kyle's response:

No blogger likes to perpetuate a hoax. We're sorry we did. Erik suggested we make with the apologies, so consider that done. However ... (ahem) ... I maintain that there may be more truth than hyperbole in that video, fraud or not. I'll bet they could just as easily have found people who really don't know Kofi Annan from cafe latte, who don't know Israel from Afghanistan, etc. We've all seen Leno do his street interview bit. Please remember that Bush still enjoys a 50% or better approval rating. [Source] The air is still charged with free-floating stupidity. Present company excepted. Peace.

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