Monday, September 22, 2003

A potent sound bite

"American Family Voices" doesn't sound like my kind of group, but their TV ad, (click on "see the ad"), to be displayed in several states in the upcoming weeks, is my kind of ad, powerfully presented. It reminds us that when we write out our checks for taxes, instead of our money going to fund health care and schools and infrastructure in the US, it's going to Halliburton. "Remember, when you make out your check, Halliburton has two L's," it says, quoting David Letterman.
I wish "American Family Voices" had a trillion bucks and could smear the ad on every TV in America. I wonder, now that the ad's been created, whether a well-funded peace coalition could find a way to buy it and spread its quick, incisive message further.

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