Monday, September 22, 2003

Silly gooses

I apologize to my co-blogger, Kyle, and to all of you loyal readers and posters, especially C., the dogged researcher who blew the whistle on us for perpetuating the fake video. Well, apologize might be the wrong word. Perhaps, laugh-my-ass-off is better.
Of course I knew the video of those idiotic Americans was a put-up job. That kid who answered the question about the "Axis of Evil" with "It starts with us, right?" is my brother in law. I was just testing you out there in cyberland, to see if you were paying attention. I promise not to do it again, now that I know the breadth of our readership. I have a responsibility to you millions, and will hereafter act accordingly.
Uno problemo: When I post items about George Bush's idiotic failures as leader of our nation, will you no longer accept them as truth? Maybe not, but then, maybe I don't either. Nobody's that stupid.

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