Friday, September 26, 2003

Wisdom from Egypt

These quotes from Egypt's Foreign Minister ring true about Iraq. "They will not be a model [for democracy], and no model will be imposed on them." And "I don't think that countries are eager to be models."

A democracy arises from the people--as it proclaims in our Declaration of Independence. It's not a concept that flows down from higher authority.
I predict--actually, I know, as does any other sane follower of current events in the Middle East--that if the US really does "withdraw" from Iraq at some point (which by the way I doubt--our presence there in the form of bases and military authority will be felt eternally) within weeks there will be chaos, including violence, upheaval and, very likely, a reversion to the tribal battles and mad power-grabs that led to Saddam's accretion of authority in the first place.

This policy of Bush's is so sad, so tragic, so stupid. For us, for the Iraqis, for the world. As the Egyptian Foreign Minister said, "Let Iraq be itself."

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