Saturday, August 30, 2003

The First Amendment Lives on this Blog

Erik. All those Blog stories confirm the fact that Liberals, Democrats, Republicans, whatever all agree on one sure thing: All war is immoral and unacceptable. All countries indulge in it, even families. How soothing if everyone would just kiss and make up.
The U.S. has consistently gone to the aid of oppressed countries, i.e., Eng, France, Austria, etc, against madman dictator, Hitler. We tried (albeit proven a mistake) to save So. Vietnam against oppressive No. Vietnam. Recently we tried to help the tortured citizens of Iraq against sadistic Hussein, & now murderous dictators in Liberia. I don't feel that anyone wants to just look the other way & let those people die. There is big controversy about chemical weapons in Iraq; but, if they had none, how did they destroy 200,000 of their own people with chemicals?
I haven't heard an explanation of that, or why the agreements of war with Iraq weren't enforced during the Clinton era.
Re wars, our own stupid Civil War killed more Americans than a culmination of all other wars since.
I certainly agree that war is hell and ugly. I don't agree that our administration is killing people just for the fun of it - - unwise maybe, but sadistic, no.
Be careful how you indulge in these negative BLOGS. Hate is an insidious acid that destroys the hater more than the hated.

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