Monday, August 25, 2003

Freeze, drop that goulash!

Looks like it's true; at least Islam Online isn't the only news source covering it. [news]

But look, we've got military bases all over the place. I think they should train these guys in a variety of locales. Germany, Greenland, Japan, and some right here in the good old USA. Travel is very broadening, it fosters tolerance, and I have this hunch -- admittedly unfounded -- that most Iraqis haven't been getting out much to see the world.

I understand that Santa Barbara and Ventura County Sheriffs departments have excellent training facilities. So if Paul Bremmer wants to send a couple of the Iraqi trainees here for classes, I'll volunteer to take them out for burgers at The Nugget one night. It'll be cool. Wait, do Muslims eat burgers? Well, we could do Thai food; I know a good place.


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