Saturday, August 30, 2003

Have a Cracker

For lunch today I had soup, vegetable beef, left over from dinner last night. With a little crumbled feta and crackers. Just your basic flat soup crackers.

I ate the soup and sat there for a while, eating crackers and drinking water. And staring at the screen of my laptop, where a chapter of my book was curdling in the warm summer air.

Suddenly I found myself stuck in time, staring at a cracker frozen halfway between the table and my face. I looked at the unfocused thing in my hand and realized that somewhere, deep inside me, some lost and lonesome chamber of my soul was trying to cry.

Well what’s this then? What do I have to grieve about? We’re all alive here, though maybe we’re not getting out of here that way. What’s up?

It just occurred to me to wonder what in the hell we have done. I mean George W. Bush and mankind in general. I was thinking about the children in Iraq, in Jerusalem and Gaza, in Liberia and so many other places where there is no peace. Is that so much to ask for? Peace doesn’t cost anything, require postage, or go bad if you leave it in the open air. Peace can be had with the act of a clinched fist, deferred in favor of an open hand, and there is no reason in the world why the children of the world can’t have it.

Go get yourself a cracker or something, and see what I mean.


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