Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Wrong-Way Democrats

I'm reading that most of the Democratic candidates for President, including Dean, favor increasing our troop deployment in Iraq (Afghanistan, too) in response to our continuing failure to control those areas. This to me is madness, and sounds just like the mid-Vietnam madness, when Nixon and Humphrey were vying for "most-Hawkish" in the 1968 election. The nomination of Humphrey, you may recall, gave rise to the Chicago "riots" (later proven to be police riots) at the site of the Democratic convention. I know it's still a year-plus before we know how this all plays out, and my fervent hope is that by late summer 2004 the pressure to get out of these wars is so strong that the Democratic candidate will take the position that we must withdraw. Otherwise, I see nothing but more of the same failed, corrupt foreign policy, giving the Greens and the hope-less lefties no incentive to go to the polls. And of course we know who that favors.

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