Wednesday, August 27, 2003

A problem for radicals like me

Here's the deal. I want Bush out of power absolutely, permanently, unequivocally. I want the US to end its empire absolutely, too. So, I want Bush to maintain his various forms of demonic intransigence--ruining our economy, killing G.I.'s, avoiding UN involvement in Iraq, dooming us to a failed economy and a failed foreign policy--so that by 11/04 he's out of there by a vote of 200 million to zero.
Which, however, means that I begin to hate myself for my own foul desires--that the US fails in all ways, including a rising death toll in Iraq and Afghanistan--and to hate Bush all the more for causing me to have such base desires.
So that should Bush even see one crack of light, perform even the slightest sane deed, I hate it, hate it.
Like the Administration's latest ploy--making a noise that the US might consider allowing the UN to have some influence in the governance of Iraq, provided the UN peacekeeping force is headed by the military leadership of the US: "Blue hats" commanded by Green Berets, or something. The softies on the Security Council may indeed go for some such half-measure, allowing Bush to slide out of the consequences of his stupid rapacious misdeeds, by getting UN troops into Iraq to be killed instead of us.
I'm ranting in this post (only a fraction of the rantings of my mind), and so I'll stop. Point is, I hate hating. And I hate the hateful people who cause me to hate them. Sounds like a title to a book, right?

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