Monday, September 08, 2003

Building or rebuilding?

I've wondered about this for some time: These astronomical quotes of sums to "rebuild" the electrical, water-delivery and oil-delivery systems, as well as the other infrastructure items (including, I read somewhere, a number of hospitals and schools in the thousands), are all these "rebuilding" projects or "building" projects? I mean, I don't recall being told that we bombed their water supplies and oil wells. In fact, I recall that we avoided such targets and that in fact very few oil wells were set afire by the Iraqis as we advanced. And we certainly didn't bomb schools and hospitals. Did we?
It's likely, seems to me, that in these humongous numbers we taxpayers are being asked to build a new, shining nation, not simply to repair the damage we did when we invaded. Indeed, words like "modernizing" have crept into the post-Iraq lexicon. If that is so, I ask, what about our own schools, hospitals, infrastructure and, for God's sake, our own power grid?
If Bush's buddies build a new nation for the Iraqis at our expense, do we at least get to visit from time to time? What will a day pass cost to IraqLand? Does that include rides on the Baghdad bullet train and the the Tikrit trolley?

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