Tuesday, September 09, 2003

Sorry, I Gave at the Office

Iraq Estimates Were Too Low, U.S. Admits

You need how much now? $142 billion? Gee, I'm sorry, but no. I feel bad about it, I really do. I always hate to turn people away when they ask, especially when they ask nicely. But it's just got a good time for me to be supporting another country, especially since the one I'm propping up now is running $180B in the red.

Look, Mr. Bush, thanks for stopping by. I wish the answer could be positive. What? We're going to have to fight them in our streets? Well, hopefully they'll be able to read my No Soliciting sign. How's that? You've got 'em on the run? Good for you, dear boy. But my answer is a resounding Hell No. Please don't take it negatively. Careful crossing the lawn, don't step in the wmd.

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