Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Don't consider the source

Okay, so the source is Al-Jazeera, but the report is too crazy not to be true. Not only are we running out of cash from the seized Iraqi assets that we've been using as handouts and salaries, we've been duped about a reported find of gold bullion. Not likely this item will find its way onto Faux News.

"A senior Congressional aide described the cash crunch as a “mess”.

“Seized assets are down to almost nothing. Oil money is a mirage in the near term,” said the aide who asked not to be identified.

And according to a recent report to lawmakers, gold-coloured bars which were seized with much fanfare by occupation troops in Iraq, appear to be melted-down shell casings made mainly of copper. US officials had believed they would be worth at least $600 million."

As I said, too funny to be fiction.

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