Sunday, September 07, 2003

Funtime at the madhouse, or is it madtime at the funhouse?

This piece in the Guardian Observer/UK makes my day—and it’s still early morning! My favorite things to read (besides anything I write) are well-written, insightful essays about the agonies of bad guys in the White House. I recall relishing the Washington Post’s Chinese water-torture of Nixon after the Watergate break-in; the drumbeat of the peace movement that drove LBJ out of the presidential race in 1968; and now—a comparison of babyBush’s poll numbers to his father’s at comparable times in their first (and only) terms as President. The neo-cons on the run? Gotta love it.

In Bush’s address tonight, I, like Kyle, expect short bursts of monosyllabic platitudes expressing resolve and reassurance. This feels so much like those similarly hastily-arranged speeches LBJ and Nixon gave on their way out the door: “I am not a crook,” of course, and “Light at the end of the tunnel” (although that was Kissinger’s phrase, and contains a word with two syllables).

So you know where I’ll be for fifteen minutes this evening. For sure.

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