Tuesday, September 09, 2003

Responsibilty for Bush

Yeah, I suppose I agree with Kyle's observations about our common responsibility for the present administration. Grudgingly so, because I am a lifelong liberal-to-leftist. But I do indeed drive a vehicle with more horsepower than I need, I live fully immersed in Americana (but without TV), and I buy groceries with way too much packaging. So, Bush is my president, Rumsfeld's Secretary of my State, and so forth. I'm responsible for those ogres, just as, I suppose, Bush is responsible for all the lies he uttered in his State of the Union Address.
Okay, I am part of the "we," and as such am hell-bent on changing the direction of this nation. Too long have we been bullies, not custodians, on this planet. Our force conquered this land, subjugated its peoples and plundered its resources--and the peoples and resources of other lands--and we whities wallowed in our resultant wealth. Then, when we won the Cold War, we wasted the victory by dancing in the streets and going on a buying binge.
I agree with Kyle, that "we must be the change we wish to see in the world," no less thoroughly than Gandhi was during his life. It's not easy, with all the distractions and troubles, but it's harder not to be.

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