Friday, September 12, 2003

I concur

Being of Swedish descent, having visited that fine country many times--lived there for a year in my youth--and with many cousins and a sibling who reside there, I feel as does my co-blogger, deep sadness and sympathy for the Swedish people. I don't follow politics there very much, but I do recall that twenty-something years ago their prime minister, Olaf Palme, was similarly killed. He was out walking his dog, or something. Wthout bodyguards, as was Ms. Lindh.
That tells one much about Sweden, doesn't it? I hope they don't over-react, as the US invariably does, and turn into an armed camp as we have. I understand their sadness--feel it myself--and even rage. I just hope they continue to display the goodness that abides in their nature.

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