Sunday, October 05, 2003

He ain't heavy, he's my...

I, Erik, one of this blog's co-authors, confess to this: I spent three decades as a lawyer in private practice. In that capacity I came to know many lawyers, none of whom, however, approaches John--a contributor to this blog from time to time (including the following insight)--in terms of dedication to the true value of law practice: to help those in need. This man, who happens to be my older brother (I'm "outing" him, I know, but that's in vogue lately), offers this post:

"Despite our society's remarkable achievements in the area of representative democracy, we are aware, as lawyers, of the tremendous obstacles posed by the people in power, Republicans or Democrats, who have the instruments of wealth or politics at their disposal.

"Greed and political power drive our society and, as lawyers, we can occasionally provide a measure of justice to the poor and oppressed through the exercise of our abilities to access the courts and the media. But the battle will never be won, because the basic nature of human society reflects the values of a secular society, not St Augustine's City of God."

See what I mean? How'd you like to have a brother who thinks and writes like that?

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