Monday, October 06, 2003

Tolerating the intolerant

Kyle and I have, after some deliberation, posted the preceding entry ("Dear Men and Women..."), by "Kerry," notwithstanding its intolerant, offensive content. We did so because we were told that otherwise we would be guilty of censoring posts to our blog; and I, for one, felt it wise to alert readers to the type of thought I find we have no obligation to purvey. After all, the person who wrote this entry has an equal opportunity to create her own weblog or otherwise to spread her thoughts to all who want to read them.

What saddens me--and first gave Kyle and me pause in spreading this person's thoughts--is the writer's expressed desire, as a self-professed "student of history," to live in a world in which "we must play dirty against dirty players," in which "Saddam is a terrorist who deserves death," and in which the French are labeled "cowards and double talkers, just like they were in W.W.II." These are not the thoughts of anyone I care to be around. They are the babblings of a distorted, demented mind.
The saddest part of it is that although such writers are entitled to the same freedoms of expression that we all enjoy, they consider themselves students of history when they know nothing, and have learned nothing from the past. Even worse, they have a vote in America, just as do those thoughtful caring citizens who truly deserve to participate in our democratic system.

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