Sunday, October 05, 2003

'Scuse the rant, but it's to announce there is a God

Well, maybe not. But the Cubbies have made it to the second round of the playoffs and the Red Sox have a chance to advance too. Okay, the Giants are gone and the Yankees have advanced, but what if--just think about it, America--what if the World Series is between Boston and the Chicago Cubs. The two most exquisite also-rans in American sports history! Screw the recall election: The real news on this planet is Major League baseball.

And (as if it matters) our friend David Kay (any relation to Danny Kaye? I guess not, but who knows in these days of nose-jobs and other alterations of nature) reports that he needs more time (read more time sucking on the public tit) to investigate stuff. What stuff?

Maybe he needs time to shuck his fellow WMD-seekers for a moment in order to plant some more botulism (Shit--I probably have botulism growing somewhere in my fridge right now!) or maybe some athlete's foot fungus.

This is insanity, what we're being asked to accept as reality. This is no longer "spin." This is lying, slimy-crotched bullshit.

Sure, Saddam was a bad guy with a nasty regime, but all this other crap is bullshit. We--that's you and me, folks--have elected (kinda) a leader who has led us to make war--aggressive, offensive war--on a sovereign nation in violation of international law.

How does that feel, America? Isn't it time we turn this around or die, as all other evil empires have died? It's our choice.

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