Thursday, October 09, 2003

A New NYT Columnist, a laugh a minute

After I read two recent op-eds by David Brooks, I had to check his bio, because I wasn't quite sure if he was serious or a clever satirist of Bush-licking columnists. Perhaps, I thought, the Gray Lady had decided to spread some cheer on its editorial page.
Well, I was wrong. By God, this guy, who's a brand-new addition to the Times, comes straight from The Weekly Standard, and he really means what he says. His piece about Hummers and Harleys is, therefore, even more hilarious; but his latest, about the rosy prospects of the various factions' agreement during the drafting of Iraq's constitution is absolutely side-splitting.
For example, after telling us how well the process is proceeding (BTW, it's not being written yet; all that the Council is considering is how to create a body to draft it) Brooks concedes "gigantic problems remain." Things like the role of religion in government, distributing power among the various factions, little things like that. The biggest laugh, though, is his observation that women might be a bit concerned if the document doesn't address some of the thorny social issues, such as "polygamy and honor killings."
Yeah, if I were an Iraqi woman, I might be concerned too.

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