Wednesday, October 08, 2003

We liberals are very slow to learn

Look, my fellow liberal/progressive/Bush-haters, why do you decry the Justice Department's one-day delay in ordering production of the White House records in the Plame-gate case, and, for that matter, the months-long delay in the actions of the White House to track down the leak of Valerie's name to Novak? Why do you rail against the obfuscation of the President's Press Secretary, Scott McClellan; and the obstruction caused by possible White House claims of "executive privilege?" I say, let the rascals have at it--the more delay, denial and obstruction the better.

Remember, please, that the exquisite bliss of Watergate summer was the Chinese water-torture of it. We were treated to months of delight, from Judge Sirica's pronouncements of suspicion, to WaPo's breathless reports, to Sam Ervin's crafty phrases and delicious drawl, to the fabulous daily drip of tapes, to Chairman Rodino's eventual raps of the gavel announcing the articles of impeachment.

So revel in Bush's recalcitrance, celebrate his truculent resistance and nay-saying. This is the stuff of which enduring scandals are made.

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